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Webex Teams is a cloud based virtual space where you can bring everyone and everything together instantly from anywhere in one easy-to-use, secure application.

By providing Cisco Webex Teams, Ctelecoms aims to empower businesses in Saudi Arabia to stay connected between meetings with virtual meeting spaces, messaging, file sharing, whiteboards, video calling, and more.

We are a Certified Premier Cisco partner in the kingdom. This status enables us to deliver worry-free support services for all our clients across Saudi Arabia (Jeddah & Riyadh). Contact us if you have any questions or need help with any of our solutions.

Why Cisco Webex Teams?

Start a meeting with a single tap

By using Webex Teams you can start a meeting with a touch of a button – no matter where you are. No more waiting on hosts to start the meeting. Switch devices seamlessly, and keep the conversation going after the meeting.

Never miss a message

Don’t let time-sensitive emails get lost in an overflowing inbox. Get it done now with secure group messaging in Webex Teams. Send important information via direct and team messages, where they can be read and responded to right away - or flagged for follow up later. Keeping track of conversations is easy - all your messages are saved in the same space where you meet.

Share files with anyone anytime

File sharing in a space is quick and simple. And the files you receive are neatly organized, searchable, and saved right alongside all of your communication, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. Especially when you need to share them in meetings.

Instant Whiteboarding

Sometimes a quick sketch explains an idea better than words. Whiteboard or draw on your phone or any device, and share the interactive drawing in chat. Keep iterating whether or not you’re in a live meeting.

Always secure

With some of the most advanced security in the collaboration industry, you know your data, conversations and files are always protected.

MessagingTeam workspaces for conversations, sharing and staying connected.
Video MeetingsInstant video calling with easy to use screen sharing
Digital WhiteboardInteractive drawing with digital white boarding
PeopleAccess your Exchange, calendar and active directory.
End-to-end encryptionYour messages, documents and whiteboard drawings are encrypted from your device to theirs, and everywhere in between. We keep your information protected from the impact of any breach.
IntegrationIntegrate business applications. Bots that do the legwork.
FilesFiles and drawings are always available in the space where you meet.
Secure search We’ve built secure search that keeps you protected while still making information findable. Searches are encrypted, keeping search terms and results from hackers, governments, or even us.
Lock and moderation controls Keep teamwork private by locking spaces. Only moderators can add people to a space. Spaces with members who are outside your company are marked. Make teamwork your best work. Webex Teams is an app for continuous teamwork with video meetings, group messaging, file sharing and white boarding
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