Bactopus Backup & Recovery Solution for Microsoft 365

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As the first and only Veeam Platinum Partner in the middle east and Saudi Arabia, we are happy to introduce to you our solutions "Bactopus" that would make a difference for your organization.

Protect and Secure Microsoft 365 Data with Bactopus Backup & Recovery Solution.

What is Bactopus?

Bactopus is a SaaS Cloud Backup Solution for Microsoft 365 developed by Ctelecoms based on Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 and hosted on Microsoft Azure.

SaaS, Azure Hosted, Veeam Integrated, Automated, Unlimited, Flexible and Fully Secure Backup & Recovery Solution for Microsoft 365,

Bactopus Can Solve Your Data Protection Challenges and Limitations for M365.


Why Bactopus?

  • Fully Integrated SaaS, fast and secure way to backup, and restore from Azure.

  • Unlimited Storage and Retention and no-hassle deployment, no big up-front expenses, full control of your data, no backup infrastructure to manage.

  • Pay per User model that makes for simple scalability as your business grows.

  • eDiscovery capabilities to reduce the time and effort needed to find and restore Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams data with complete control for compliance & legal requirements.

  • SSO with Microsoft 365 to sign in with the application seamlessly. No extra password to manage and secure access to Bactopus by using your Azure AD MFA.

Bactopus eliminates the risk of losing access and control over your Microsoft 365 data including, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Microsoft 365 Groups, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams so that your data is always Hyper-Available and protected.

Bactopus stores and protects your data on Azure for a complete recovery so that you can easily access and recover exactly what you want, whenever you want, the way you want.

Unlimited Storage & RetentionWith Bactopus, you will not worry about paying for Storage and Retention. Your data can grow for tens of Terabytes and will be retained forever as long as you’re subscribing to Bactopus
Easier License Management (Pay per User)You only pay per user, No hidden costs. All your SharePoint & Teams data will be backed up without extra licensing
Unlimited BandwidthYou can download, export and backup data indefinitely without worrying for paying for bandwidth or limiting the Bandwidth for your Actions
99.9% UptimeOur Platform is hosted on Azure with High Availability Infrastructure and meets the SLA provided by Microsoft Azure Services
Friendly User InterfaceBactopus is designed to keep all the actions simple and friendly to use in order to backup and restore your data without worrying about the technical configuration and backend processes
Time EfficientBactopus will reduce the time spent on managing the backup and the restore operations compared with other backup systems
Advanced Notifications SystemBactopus allows you to configure multiple triggers and rules based on the system functionalities to receive Emails and (Coming Soon) Teams Notifications
24/7 SupportBactopus Technical Team will work with you to support or guide you thru the Platform. You can open a ticket with us at any time using multiple Support Channels (Email, Phone and Support System)
Advanced ProtectionProtect Microsoft 365 data from accidental deletion, security threats and retention policy gaps and protect against data loss scenarios that are not covered by Microsoft
Industry Leading RecoveryQuickly restore individual Microsoft 365 items and files with industry-leading recovery flexibility with more than 35 restore options available
e-DiscoveryReduce the time and effort needed to find and restore email data using e-Discovery with complete control for compliance & legal requirements
Optimized PerformanceRestore, Search, Save Results and Export at any time without worrying about servers performance using segregated Repositories, Backup jobs and Restore operations
SSO with Microsoft 365Sign in with the application seamlessly. No extra password to manage and secure access to Bactopus by using your Azure AD MFA
Data EncryptionProtect your backup from unauthorized access by using multiple level of encryption (API SSL Encryption, Azure Storage Encryption and Data at Rest Encryption with customer defined Key)
AuditingAudit each operation and monitor the access of your Administrators with delegated administration and customized Roles and Permissions
Full Data OwnershipData can be hosted in your existing Azure AD Tenant or new Tenant owned by you

No, The data generated in Microsoft 365 is the customer's responsibility and needs to be protected by that customer. According to Microsoft Shared Responsibility Model, you need a backup solution to avoid data loss due to: Accidental or malicious deletion, Malware/ransomware, and System and human errors.

Bactopus uses the latest Technologies of Veeam Backup For Microsoft 365 and Veeam capabilities and features to deliver a secure, simple, and fast SaaS experience.

The Backed up Data is on Microsoft Azure Subscription under the Azure AD Tenant owned by the client or under a new Azure AD Tenant (Selected During Initial Configuration).

You will have unlimited Storage and unlimited retention for all your backup data.

Yes, you can try Bactopus for free before buying it for 30 days and 25 users and with all features that Bactopus has.

No, Because all the Restor Operations will be done from cloud to cloud.

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