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Stop phishing, spoofing, business email compromise, ransomware and spam, while enhancing Microsoft 365 email security and gaining effective brand reputation protection, accurate DLP policy enforcement, and more - with a multi-layered approach to security.

Why Cisco Secure Email from Ctelecoms?

Formerly known as (Cisco Cloud Email Security), Cisco Secure Email is part of our Cisco security solutions that we offer Saudi businesses looking to ensure world-class protection against stealthy malware, ransomware, malicious URLs, spam emails, phishing, spoofing, business email compromise, and other sophisticated email threats.

Cisco Secure Email includes advanced threat protection capabilities to detect, block, and remediate threats faster, prevent data loss, and secure important information in transit with end-to-end encryption.

As a Premier Cisco Partner in Saudi Arabia (Jeddah & Riyadh), Ctelecoms delivers worry-free deployment of all our Cisco solutions, including Cisco Secure Email, by which we empower Saudi businesses with the ability to:

  • Detect and block more threats with superior threat intelligence from Talos.
  • Combat ransomware hidden in attachments that evade initial detection with Cisco Secure Email Malware Defense and Cisco Threat Grid.
  • Drop emails with risky links automatically or block access to newly infected sites with real-time URL analysis to protect against phishing and Business Email Compromise (BEC).
  • Prevent brand abuse and sophisticated identity-based email attacks with Cisco Secure Email Domain Protection and Cisco Secure Email Phishing Defense services.
  • Protect sensitive content in outgoing emails with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and easy-to-use email encryption.
  • Provide user behavior training with Cisco Secure Awareness Training to help users work smarter and safer.
  • Gain maximum deployment flexibility with a cloud, virtual, on-premises, or hybrid deployment or move to the cloud in phases.
  • Integrate across a growing number of Cisco Security products and accelerate key security operations functions like visibility, detection, automation, investigation, and remediation with SecureX.

With Cisco Secure Email, you get..

Comprehensive Email Security

Secure Email scans all inbound, outbound, and internal email for spam, viruses and anomalies that might indicate incidents of compromise or phishing attempts. It quarantines and remediates threats automatically so that end users are protected from threats without ever having been exposed to them.

Anti-spam and antivirus protection

Spam emails can burden users' inboxes and create an avenue for viruses to be spread. Using IP reputation scanning, Secure Email catches spam and viruses before they reach end users.

Advanced Phishing Protection

Phishing emails use social engineering to trick users into clicking on malicious links, opening malicious attachments, or inadvertently providing credentials. Powered by machine learning that searches for anomalies, Secure Email Phishing Protection feature defends against these attempts and helps keeps all mailboxes secure.

Domain Protection

A company's reputation can be damaged when bad actors use the company's trusted domain as a way to propagate threats. Secure Email uses DMARC standard to authorize and authenticate your email senders, protect your customers from cyber attacks, and safeguard your brand's identity.

Encryption Control

With email encryption provided by Cisco Secure Email, senders won't fear mistyped recipient addresses, mistakes in content, or time-sensitive emails because they can always lock a message.

Spoofing Protection

Cisco Secure Email uses layered controls to block spoofing attempts and help ensure these types of emails don't make it to your users' inboxes.
Outbreak Filters
Outbreak Filters defend against emerging threats and blended attacks by issuing rules on any combination of six parameters, including file type, file name, file size, and URLs in a message. Outbreak Filters can also rewrite URLs linked in suspicious messages.
Cisco Domain Protection
Cisco Doman Protection gives you visibility into internal and third-party senders who are using your domain to send email on your behalf. This helps you identify and eliminate sources of illegitimate email to preserve your brand identity.
Data Loss Prevention
Protect outbound messages with Cisco Email Security DLP. Comply with industry and government regulations worldwide and prevent confidential data from leaving your network. Remediation choices include encrypting, adding footers and disclaimers, adding Blind Carbon Copies (BCCs), notifying, and quarantining.
Cisco SecureX
A cloud-native, built-in platform that connects the Cisco Secure portfolio and end-user infrastructure.
Graymail Detection and Safe Unsubscribe
Precisely classify and monitor graymail entering your organization while automatically presenting recipients with a safe way to unsubscribe via a real-time analysis of the sender’s unsubscribe method that provides feedback one and a half seconds later.
Brand and data protection for outbound email
Cisco Email Security offers effective brand protection, accurate DLP policy enforcement and advanced email encryption capabilities.
Antivirus tools
For multilayered antivirus protection, you can deploy either the Sophos or McAfee antivirus engine, or both. Run both engines to dual scan messages for the most comprehensive protection.

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