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Fotopia Capture is an easy-to-use scanning application that integrates smoothly with Microsoft SharePoint. As a cloud-based application, Fotopia Capture can be accessed from anywhere around the world, as it interacts with a wide range of all-in-one MFPs and scanners, with the ability to incorporates multiple features for quick and accurate individual or batch scanning. The scanning, indexing, quality assurance and OCR tools incorporated in Fotopia Capture will ensure all your documents are captured in the best way possible – at the best resolution.

Why Fotopia Capture?

Fotopia Capture is a super productive ECM solution that enables you to scan, index, and quickly process limitless documents while allowing secure access to any number of authorized users simultaneously.

The ability to scan up to 50,000 papers per day is just the beginning, as Fotopia Capture is capable of lifting a basic ECM to a fully-fledged document management system so that non-digital documents documents of every type (such as contracts, correspondence, data sheets, records…) will be smoothly digitized and made ready for electronic editing, search and retrieval.

As a truly productive ECM solution, Fotopia Capture delivers the versatility needed to reduce the significant time and cost barriers related to storing, searching and distributing non-digitized paper documents.

Seamless Integration with Microsoft SharePoint and Office365
Fotopia integrates perfectly with Microsoft SharePoint and Office365 accounts, allowing for even a higher level of productivity and better security.
Indexing Module
Intelligent indexing transforms the tedious process of manual document indexing into an efficient operation – enabling accurate and rapid searching, and saving costly time.
Batch Administration Module
Define, control, and organize the document capturing operation throughout an entire organization – allowing users to configure appropriate group settings (Batch Class).
Customizable Capture Workflow
Regulate and customize the flow of document capture while monitoring the progress status for each batch and ensuring all documents are queued for review.
Integration with External Database
Fotopia Capture supports OOTB database integration wizard for collecting indexing information from other business applications and external databases, which speeds up the indexing process, reduces error, and ensures records integrity.
Profiling Scanner Settings
Greater throughput and user functionality with profile-customized scanner settings.
Auto Page Separation
Automatic separation of captured pages so you can easily compile documents based on differing criteria.
Access Rights Management
An advanced level of security and workload management allows central control of user access to scanned documents, running batches, and specific batch classes. Also distributes workloads over multiple roles and enforces marker-checker (4-Eyes) principles for error-free operations and secured documents access.
Quality Assurance Module
Set a quality assurance percentage for high volume scanning operations to ensure optimal document quality before archiving or sending documents to process. Flag any image, document, or indexing attribute, or reject a batch for correcting errors with one click.
Export Module
Export documents to SharePoint or Office365 and automatically send documents to the appropriate existing archive or to new folders.
Document and Page Manipulation
Multi-page document editing capabilities – append, insert, delete, or re-scan images into multi-page documents. Drag and drop images from one location to another, either within the same file or between different files.
Automatic Folder Structuring
Expand document imaging capabilities through automatic folder structure building based on content type and indexed data.
Global Attributes
Create global attributes containing master descriptive data for all documents in one batch.
Reporting Tools
Fotopia Capture offers a variety of reporting tools that provide live data on work in progress and postponed jobs.
Scanning Module
Scan individual and high volume batches of documents from various sources: desktop, MFP/MFD, conventional fax, network folders and multi-location facilities.

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