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Protect your Company's PCs (Desktops, Laptops and Workstations) and eliminate the threat of potentially business-ending data loss catastrophes with our superior Cloud PC Backup Solution that combines the power of the world’s most popular (Veeam backup) software with the most trusted cloud storage platform (Microsoft Azure) in a single, cost-effective solution to enable businesses in Saudi Arabia to protect their critical business data and information more effectively and more securely than ever.

Why Cloud PC Backup?

Powered by Veeam, Microsoft & Ctelecoms, Cloud PC backup offers you flexible backup options, high-speed recovery, better security, unlimited cloud storage space, and extremely efficient protection against malware, hardware failure and accidental file deletions.

Cloud PC Backup provides fast, image-based backup for your files, applications as well as operating system. With true incremental, SSL protected cloud backup, only the blocks of files that have changed since the last backup are read and copied, making image-level backups extremely efficient. 

What is it that scares you most? A ransomware encrypting your files? A system failing to boot? A hard drive crashing? An important file getting corrupted or accidentally deleted? With Cloud PC Backup, you will never worry about such nightmares as our solution enables you to protect and easily recover every single bit of your data in minutes — like it never happened.

Ctelecoms aims to help you – just like we’ve helped many businesses in KSA – to easily back up your computer(s) to the cloud so you can eliminate all your data loss concerns and focus solely on growing your business.

With Cloud PC Backup, recoveries that used to take days (or even weeks) now take only minutes. Lightning fast backup and recovery feature is just the beginning. Scroll down and explore the core features of our superior cloud PC backup solution.

Protect Your Employee's Data

Protect your employees’ PCs and data from corruptions, hardware failures, viruses, malware, ransomware, accidental deletions and even thefts - all with our simple, highly efficient cloud pc backup solution with NO extra investment on your IT infrastructure.

Fully integrated, Fast and Secure way to Backup & Restore from and to Azure
 Backup your PCs (Desktops, Laptops and Workstations) at any time and from anywhere to Azure. Restore easily (Full PC with Bare Metal Recovery, Volumes, Folders or even a Single File) to the same or any other PC or even to Azure! Your traffic is encrypted 24/7 with SSL secure connection.
10 Minutes Setup
 We create your Cloud Repository as well as account credentials, then you install Veeam Agent on your PC and connect it to Veeam Cloud Connect by adding Ctelecoms as your Service Provider so you can start creating Backup Jobs to this Cloud Repository with encryption enabled to protect your data and secure traffic between your Site and Azure Site. No  VPN or Local Storage needed.

Ctelecoms is The Only Veeam Cloud & Service Provider in Saudi Arabia

A Microsoft & Veeam Gold Partner and Microsoft 2015 Country Partner of the Year and Veeam Silver Cloud & Service Provider, We are the only IT Company in Saudi Arabia who can integrate your Veeam Backup Infrastructure to Microsoft Azure. Ctelecoms Expertise on the Cloud will guarantee your satisfaction with our highly,secure, cloud managed services.


Data ProtectionProtect Employee's Main PC and data from Corruptions, Viruses, Ransomwares, Hardware Damages or even a theft. All was simple pricing module and NO Extra investment on hardware's or software's.
Unlimited Cloud StorageCloud PC Backup gives you unlimited, highly secure storage space to store and protect your backups.
FlexibilityVeeam Agent lets you control your jobs, schedules, retention policies, restore operations and all settings. directly backup pc (desktop, laptop or workstation) to Azure so you can easily perform (full pc with bare metal recovery, volume-based recovery, folders or even single-files retrieval) to the same pc or any other pc or even to azure.
SecurityWAN Traffic is encrypted with Ctelecoms SSL Secure Connection along with AES encryption at rest, and of course, your backup data encryption is fully controlled by you through Veeam Agent Console.
Faster PerformanceCloud PC Backup is supported by Veeam’s built-in compression capabilities to reduce storage capacity required for your data. It is also backed with built-in WAN optimization for faster and highly efficient transfer of large datasets from and to Microsoft Azure.
Windows & Linux FriendlyCloud PC Backup will run on any Windows and Linux based operating system.
ScalabilityScale up and down any time you want, and add as many PCs as you need.
ReliabilityGet peace of mind knowing your Backup are available with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, financially backed service level agreement (SLA) with Microsoft Azure Storage.
PrivacyYour data is yours. We safeguard it for you and assure your privacy is protected.
AvailabilityYou will have an offsite backup copy of your data at Microsoft Azure Datacenter in Europe. This data can be restored to your On-premise PC (Controlled by you) or even restored to Azure for Data Access Purposes (controlled by Ctelecoms). Contact us for more details.
High-Speed RecoveryQuickly recover your data no matter what. Powered by Veeam, Microsoft & Ctelecoms, Cloud PC backup beats the competition hands down in recovery technology.
Managed Backup ServiceCtelecoms will manage and monitor your backup remotely while maintaining you cloud repository 24/7.
Expert 24/7 SupportAll our support services are based in Saudi Arabia, so whatever you need we’ll be right there for you with our 24/7 support services.

Nothing. This offer covers all the needed subscription licenses.

Yes, for sure. This is the main purpose of Cloud PC Backup.

Windows 7 And above are supported. Linux (Several Distributions) are supported. Please contact us for more details.

No. You need to enable the encryption on the agents level before transferring data to Azure.

No. A normal Internet connection with a good speed based on your data should be sufficient. No need for VPN or static IP Address.

It means we create and maintain your Cloud Repository and monitor the status for all of your Veeam Jobs while checking for errors to help you fix them and maintain a healthy backup at all times.

Ctelecoms provides 24/7 support, consultancy and error-free backup to the Cloud for all our clients.

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