Cloud Protection for Active Directory

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For less than 30 SAR per day, have your Microsoft AD protected on the cloud. Your AD will be replicated by Ctelecoms experts to Microsoft Azure and we will manage your Azure Infrastructure while you have the full control over your server with our 24/7 Support.

Do you have an Microsoft Active Directory Infrastructure? 

If so, then this offer is a MUST. Let us protect your Active Directory Infrastructure by building an Additional Domain Controller on Azure that you have FULL Control over it.

Looking to achieve true high availability for your AD?

Now is the time! By having your AD server replicated to Azure Datacenter and having a backup in a different geographical region, you will achieve the highest level of availability and your data will be secured.

Thinking of Migrating to Azure ? Here's where to start!

By having your Active Directory on Azure, you will be ready to build a complete server infrastructure as you migrate your own data center to the Cloud.

ReliabilityGet peace of mind knowing your AD are available with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, financially backed service level agreement (SLA).
SecurityCutting-edge security practices with five layers of security and proactive monitoring help keep customer data safe.
PrivacyYour data is yours. We safeguard it and protect your privacy.
Connectivity to your On-Premises24/7 VPN Tunnel between your Azure Data Center and your On-Premises Data Center to ensure reliable Connectivity, Expandability and Integration with all OF your systems.
SupportCtelecoms Support Services at your Fingertips. 24/7 Support through our Support Center.

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