Visitor Management Pro

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Make your front desk communication a breeze by enabling your employees to easily and efficiently manage the on-site visitor process.

*This app is dedicated to administration/security department.

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An admin can easily adjust the app configurations and specify the following

1- Who approves and rejects visitor requests.
2- Visiting rooms/locations, the capacity of each location and whether a certain location requires an approval or not.
3- Security staff who can view visit requests and notify employees of requested visits.

Be more flexible and maximize your front desk’s efficiency by allowing your employees and receptionists to work on other important projects.
DashboardCreate visitor requests, track their status through visitor dashboards and get instant notifications when a visitor arrives.
FlowEnjoy automated workflow experience, bringing together the goodness of Teams, Power Platform and SharePoint.
Content ManagementEasily add photos or draw sketches, export them to an application of your choice (OneNote or Planner) and send them over to attendees.
ManagementView the meeting agenda.
SafetyKeep employees and visitors safe while ensuring your organization stays compliant and secure.

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