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Protect your Company's PCs (Desktops, Laptops and Workstations) and eliminate the threat of potentially business-ending data loss catastrophes with our superior Cloud PC Backup Solution that combines the power of the world’s most popular (Veeam backup) software with the most trusted cloud storage platform (Microsoft Azure) in a single, cost-effective solution to enable businesses in Saudi Arabia to protect their critical business data and information more effectively and more securely than ever.

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Why Cloud PC Backup?

Powered by Veeam, Microsoft & Ctelecoms, Cloud PC backup offers you flexible backup options, high-speed recovery, better security, unlimited cloud storage space, and extremely efficient protection against malware, hardware failure and accidental file deletions.

Cloud PC Backup provides fast, image-based backup for your files, applications as well as operating system. With true incremental, SSL protected cloud backup, only the blocks of files that have changed since the last backup are read and copied, making image-level backups extremely efficient. 

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